#ReframeClimate FJ Skateboard

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IMG_6777 copie.jpg

#ReframeClimate FJ Skateboard

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Natural Dysturb deck 100% hardrock canadian maple with printed photo by Felipe Jacome on bottom side.

Limited to 30.

Recommended wall mount deck display available here.

More info on Felipe Jacome’s series : Lord of the Mangroves, and on which Dysturb’s street activation this work is part of : #ReframeClimate.

#Dysturb is known for using those old school journalistic techniques – pasting those stark, blown-up images in town squares, bringing attention to the critical issues.


The streets have always been our preferred terrain; where we feel comfortable. That’s why we’ve teamed up with contemp photographers to offer limited edition skateboards. Use them, hang them, flip and drop it with your friends – we want these original pieces to be your statement to the world.


Just a heads up, the sales from these affordable boards will help us to finance #Dysturb’s international social projects, and especially our education program that aims to empower youth by giving them the tools to understand the world around them.