OCT. 20, 2014

‘Guerrillas in the Streets: The Dysturb Photo Collective Comes to NYC’

"After campaigns in Paris, Lyon and Perpignan in France and Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the group boarded a plane for New York City last week."

by Olivier Laurent



OCT. 17, 2014

‘Putting Photojournalism Where It Will Be Stumbled Upon’

"The guerrilla strategy is meant to draw more attention to urgent world events and make photojournalism accessible to a wider audience."

by Corey Kilgannon



OCT. 29, 2014

‘Photojournalists Are ‘Dysturbing’ Passersby On NYC Streets’ 

"Most viewers will recognize the gravity of these scenes and many will have an appreciation for the assumed humanitarian goodwill that accompanies them."

by Steven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo



JULY 2016

‘Krakow Photomonth 2016: Crisis? What Crisis?’ 

"Through their cross-pollination of traditional photojournalism and urban street art production and display techniques, #Dysturb attempt to wrestle back control from the politically-biased newspapers who have so coloured our view of the world."

by Gordon MacDonald


Passersby in Brooklyn, New York in front of one of Dysturb's photographs.

Passersby in Brooklyn, New York in front of one of Dysturb's photographs.




‘#Dysturb & The Expansion of the Frame’

"The importance of the image is reinforced throughout our everyday conversations. In particular, photojournalism not only conveys current information, but also challenges stereotypes, triggers debates and ultimately raises awareness about international news that is impacting our society as a whole."

by Kyla Woods



OCT.21, 2015

‘#DYSTURB – Interview with Benjamin Girette’

"We don’t consider ourselves as activists. We are photojournalists, and our work’s purpose is to witness and document stories, and to make them visible to the public."

by Fanny Hauser



SEPT.24, 2014

The #Dysturb project takes photojournalism to the streets’

"Urban photojournalism project #Dysturb opens our eyes to the challenging images we all too often ignore."

by Souleyman Messalti



MAY 5, 2015

‘Founders of #Dysturb on current and future operations.’

"These stories are published, but they have a tendency to evaporate into the continuous cycle of news. We paste these images, these snippets of stories, so that they can resonate with others. And, in some ways, we want them to transcend the cycle, because these events that we’re documenting are shaping the world in which we live."

by Sahiba Chawdhary