War and political unrest is often spoken about in terms of ideologically, racially or geographically opposed sides – borders and where who belongs – these photographs are of those who are left out of the equation; the families and communities facing uncertain futures


Once again, Dysturb returns to the streets of Melbourne to install large-scale photojournalism in its streets with a parallel exhibition at Hillvale Gallery.


Where I Lay My Head centers around the idea of family and community, in the hopes of challenging stereotypes, deepening understanding and raising awareness of issues that affect their infrastructure. This intervention highlights the increasing numbers of displaced persons, showing examples of how families and communities are affected by displacement. 

11 storytellers will show their perspectives - both in paste-ups on the streets and in the Hillvale gallery. Exhibiting photojournalists include Ismail Ferdous, Malin Fezehai, Barat Ali Batoor, Daro Sulakauri, Emin Ozmen, Ashley Gilbertson, Jane Hahn, Laura Boushnak and Alexandra Rose Howland. Additional work shown in the gallery walls include Amr Alfiqy and Alana Holmberg, plus a 360 virtual reality story made by S1T2 in collaboration with World Bank.



We aslo helped McKinnon Secondary College students install Laura Boushnak's (Rawiya Photos) image of two women at the Egyptian-controlled border in Palestine.


#Dysturb would like to give a special shout out to the curator of the show, Madz Rehorek, our print sponsor Prism Photo ImagingHillvale gallery, the Instagram Community Team and all the volunteers.


Photo : Benjamin Petit @bendophoto, Madz Rehorek @madl_enka and James Morgan @morgophoto


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