In the project "From Lesbos to Calais", photographer Zacharie Rabehi documented the plight of refugees who traveled across the Aegean sea in search of safety.


Pictured below is an image from his reportage, and it was installed in April 2016 as part of our collaboration with the World Press Photo Foundation.


Balkan Road

September 15, 2015

Photo : Zacharie Rabehi @zacharie_rabehi

A Syrian family left their war-torn homeland to travel to a safer place via the Balkan route. In September 2015, they crossed the Aegean sea from Turkey to Greece and arrived in the now infamous Idomeni camp. When the borders of Europe were still open, for a 25 euro fee, the government of Macedonia would offer a train ride across the country towards the north, a few kilometers away from the Serbian border. In the photo, the family enjoys a moment of rest in what was the second leg of the Balkan route. They were only a week away from northern Europe, where they hoped to find a safe home away from their homeland.


Installed in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Photo: Benjamin Girette @benjamingirette



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