According to the director of the national institute of health, Fernando de la Hoz, "More people die of drought and dirty water in Colombia than from the armed conflict ... and the risk of dying from illnesses related to water is four to five times higher in la guajira than anywhere else in the country."


In 2015, photographer Nicolò Filippo Rosso documented Wayuu communities in Colombia, showing the affects of environmental contamination and political corruption. Due to exploitation of natural resources in the La Guajira region, and lack of government oversight on policies and regulations, increasing numbers of Wayuu children are subject to illness and death – Nicolò's reportage "What is the Destiny of the Wayuu People?" explores the desperate conditions facing Colombia's largest indigenous population. 


Rancheria Orrockoc, Manaure, Colombia

June 2016

Photo: Nicolò Filippo Rosso @nico.filipporosso

A child sits in front of a well that his community is building to get water. The water that people get through their rudimental wells is most of the time contaminated and salty. 


Installed in Menfi, Italy

Photo: Valentino Bellini @valentino.bellini


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