In 2014, a military operation was launched by Israel in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. Known as Operation Protective Edge, the number of civilians killed during this offensive raised international concern – at the conclusion of the operation, it was estimated that 2,251 Palestinians were dead, around 18,000 houses had been destroyed, and 108,000 Gazans had become homeless. 

Photojournalist Virgine Nguyen Hoang documented those civilians who were affected by Operation Protective Edge. In her reportage "Gaza, Missing Home," she followed three Gazan families as they tried to rebuild their lives from beneath the rubble;  the Abu Ouda family being one of them.


Gaza, Palestine

November 16, 2014

Photo : Virginie Nguyen Hoang @virginie_nguyen_hoang / Studio Hans Lucas @studiohanslucas

Shorouk Abu Ouda, 11 years old, is looking at the rain falling on the ruins of her neighborhood. Shady Abu Ouda, Shorouk's father, is 34, and is married and has 6 children. His house, built by his father, was partially destroyed by the bombings of the summer of 2014. In this building also lived his father, his mother, and five of his brothers with their families. When the war began, they all took refuge in a @unrwa (Palestine Refugee Assistance Agency in the Middle East) school. When the ceasefire was announced in August 2014, Shady and the family (including their parents and siblings) returned home while they hoped to accumulate enough money to rebuild it.


For our first time visiting Brazil, we've placed Virginie Nguyen Hoang's image at Avenida Vinte e Três de Maio.

Installed in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Photo : Ignacio Aronovich