Lord of the Mangroves, a photo essay by Felipe Jacome, shows the Cayapas Mataje Reserve in Ecuador, which is home to the tallest mangrove trees in the world.


Amidst the trees towering roots, people of nearby Afro-Ecuadorian communities gather black shells as their form of livelihood.


Cayapas Mataje Reserve, Ecuador

October 1, 2013

Photo : Felipe Jacome @felipejacomephoto

Children as young as 10 years old are expected to pick shells to contribute to their families income. Picking shells is a tremendously arduous task. In this picture Jefferson Muñoz blows into a torch made out of coconut husks. The torches blow #smoke for hours repelling the vicious mosquitoes and blackflies of the mangrove.


As part of a residency program with the University National de Colombia, we've installed this image at Carrera 3, 12-68 in la Candelaria in Bogota.

Installed in Bogota, Colombia

Photo: Benjamin Petit @bendophoto


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