Did you know that almost 2/3 of the world's largest cities - home to more than 5 million people - sit on land that is less than a mere 30 feet above sea level?


In his project "Drowning Worlds," Gideon Mendel shows the magnitude of climate change through portraits of flood survivors.


Rio Branco, Brazil

March 2015

Photo : Gideon Mendel @gideonmendel 

João Pereira de Araújo at the front door to his home in the Taquari District of #RioBranco in Brazil. Because of frequent flooding in the area, this house is built on high stilts. These floods in February and March 2015 affected 53 neighborhoods and around 87,000 people in the #town. The violence of this recent flood was the result of a combination of massive #rains in the#Andes and #deforestation along the rivers.

João recalls: "My home is built high up, on wooden stilts, but now with these floods the whole bottom of my home is under water- so I am living up on the second floor. It is not there now, but some days ago the water was even up into my second floor. I have seen many in my life, but never floods this high before. When I look out of the window from the top all I can see is street after street under water- so many home and shops. All we can do now is wait for the water to go down, clean up and continue."


This image was installed in Paris, part of our #reframeclimate operation during COP21.

Installed in Paris, France

Photo : Pierre Terdjman @pierreterdjman


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