#Dysturb is a non profit organization driven by the desire to make international news accessible to a larger audience, by pasting large size pictures on the walls of city streets worldwide.

#Dysturb is an educational tool using photojournalism to question our world, our societies, our lifestyles and the way our media function. 




Education and transmission are top priorities for #Dysturb. Since its beginnings, #Dysturb has intervened in public and private institutions, in schools, universities, prisons, hospitals, corporate committees in France, Australia and in the United States.

These meetings have convinced us of the necessity to bring photojournalism into schools.

Our photojournalists initiate a conversation on social and environmental issues, on conflicts and humanitarian crises, thanks to the testimonies of those who witness these news.


#Dysturb offers a series of tailor-made interventions that are adapted to the needs of each school. According to the age range of the audience, we adapt our interventions in order to best answer your expectations.